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Who Take Your Business Seriously


Whether you are the founder of a startup or a leader in an established closely held business, partnerships matter. Your relationship with an experienced business attorney is critical to your success.

Your attorney should take your business’ goals and priorities to heart, treating them with the same care, dedication and attention that you do. After all, if your attorney doesn’t take your business as seriously as you do, how can you trust that they are doing everything they can to help you succeed?

Led by Zana Tomich, Dalton & Tomich’s team of business attorneys will take your business seriously. We will make the time to understand your situation and your needs. That includes:

  • serving as general counsel to guide you through important business decisions
  • ensuring your business’ documents and contracts are in place and optimized
  • working with you to attract, retain and manage outstanding employees
  • establishing and maintaining an effective succession planning program
  • advising and executing upon any litigation needs

We guarantee you will never need to wait and wonder when we’ll provide the answers you’ve requested. We vow to return all calls and emails within one business day or sooner. We respect that your time is valuable too.

To help us establish the foundation for a mutually beneficial partnership, we offer the opportunity for new prospective clients to schedule a listening session with Zana. This 30-minute conversation gives us the information we need to develop a clear plan to address the problems that brought you to us and help your business achieve its goals. We provide that plan to you within 48 hours of the listening session.

Please schedule a listening session or contact us by phone or email to take the first step.

Our entire suite of legal services for businesses includes:
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The business and employment attorneys of Dalton & Tomich take your business just as seriously as you do. Attorneys Zana Tomich and Noel Sterett are trusted by closely held family businesses and others across Michigan and Northern Illinois as invaluable partners and counselors. We guarantee all your calls and emails will be returned within one business day so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.