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Documents and Contracts

The details matter when it comes to running a business. And so does the paperwork. And that’s one of the easiest things to overlook when you’re running 100 miles an hour to keep your business humming.

From your company’s formation to a business acquisition or sale and from vendor contracts to employment agreements, documents set the tone, the rules and the direction for your business. It is incredibly important that they are drafted thoughtfully and kept up to date to reflect changes in your needs.

Our business attorneys are committed to fully understanding what you need from your documents and crafting unique materials to best suit your goals and objectives. This includes Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation, Vendor Contracts, Buy Sell Agreements and Employment Documents.

Many businesses can benefit from a corporate document cleanup. It’s a deep dive internal audit to ensure everything is in order. We recommend one for any organization that has not updated its documents in the last three years.

Call us today to schedule a corporate cleanup or to ask any questions about your business’ documents and contracts.

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The business and employment attorneys of Dalton & Tomich take your business just as seriously as you do. Attorneys Zana Tomich and Noel Sterett are trusted by closely held family businesses and others across Michigan and Northern Illinois as invaluable partners and counselors. We guarantee all your calls and emails will be returned within one business day so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.