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“The Field” Announces Kickoff Event for Food Entrepreneurs

Written by Zana Tomich on August 4, 2016 Category: Food Truck, Restaurants
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Food businesses are booming in Detroit, and Dalton & Tomich is happy to be planting the seeds of future success for local food entrepreneurs.

We have been representing an increasing number of food-related businesses in the city, and as part of our effort to encourage the growth of the local culinary scene, our firm helped form The Field: Detroit’s Culinary Collaborative, a new organization celebrating its launch with an event on August 15.

The full name of The Field gives a good sense of its mission. It is a membership organization dedicated to advancing Detroit’s growing food economy.

Members of The Field are restaurateurs, chefs, investors, vendors, and other participants in food-related businesses based in Detroit. They come to the Field to share knowledge, resources, and best practices.

We are very much looking forward to the event, which will feature a panel discussion with representatives from Bon Bon Bon, Grey Ghost Detroit, Kung Food Market Studio, and Salt & Saffron. It’s all happening at the Detroit City Distillery (if you ever get there, I recommend trying the Long Arm of the Law), and should be equal parts fun and insightful.

Who knows what kind of fruit the seeds that we plant on the 15th will bear in the future.




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