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In this blog, the Zana Tomich, Noel Sterrett and the business attorneys of Dalton & Tomich, PLC weigh in on matters of importance to small and closely held business and nonprofit leaders in the Detroit area, Chicagoland, Northern Illinois and beyond. We hope the information here is helpful to you.

Opening and Running a Detroit Restaurant: 6 Legal Considerations

Detroit attorney Zana Tomich of Dalton & Tomich, PLC shares tips for restaurant entrepreneurs and others looking to open food related business in Detroit. Topics include Getting Your House in Order, Secure Your Location, Licensing and Permits, Employment Issues and Trade Names and Branding. Read […]

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How to Acquire an On-Premises Liquor License

In Michigan, restaurants, bars, and other establishment that sell liquor are regulated by state and local agencies. Like most states, Michigan created its liquor control commission after prohibition ended in 1933. The Michigan Liquor Control Commission (“MLCC”) regulates liquor licenses in the state, distributes new […]

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Are Unpaid Interns Legal?

As  summer approaches, the season of interns is also on the horizon. While college students comprise of the typical intern class, many recent graduates, or students in post-graduate programs who are finding the job market competitive, offer to work as unpaid interns to gain experience […]

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Homeowner Association Acts within Authority of Bylaws

Homeowner associations are fairly common throughout Michigan and the United States.  They are typically private associations formed by a developer who plats a subdivision to manage the development, and to enforce the restrictive covenants recorded to benefit and burden the land. They are also used […]

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Dalton & Tomich Represents Michigan Small Business in Land Use and Zoning Case Against Greenleaf Township in Sanilac County

The attorneys at Dalton & Tomich recently settled a case between a Sanilac County business owner and Greenleaf Township, which is a small municipality within Sanilac County. The Plaintiff in this case had owned and operated a truck sales and salvage business since 1959. While […]

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New Administration Brings Uncertainty for Business

With the uncertainty of the 2016 general election behind us, the votes counted in President-elect Trump’s favor, and both chambers of Congress controlled by the same political party, one would think we would have more clarity as to the changes in the law that lie […]

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New Legislation Expands Use of Conditional Liquor Licenses

There is some good news for Michigan restaurants trying to obtain a liquor license. On November 3, Governor Rick Snyder signed into law Public Act 315 of 2016, which amends the Michigan Liquor Code and expands the use of Conditional Liquor Licenses. As many restaurateurs […]

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Employers Should Prepare for DOL Rules on Exempt Employees and Overtime Effective Dec. 1, 2016

Back in May, I wrote about the newly issued Department of Labor Regulations regarding increased salary thresholds for exempt employees and overtime. In September 2016, Attorney Generals from 21 states, including Michigan, filed suit in the Eastern District of Texas against the United States Department […]

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Starting a Restaurant in Detroit : Legal & Administrative Restaurant Startup Checklist

Last year, I wrote about the top six legal considerations for opening and running a restaurant in Detroit. Those considerations still remain relevant today. In addition to the legal considerations I previously blogged about, there is a laundry list of administrative items that one must consider and […]

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The Field Hosts Kickoff Event

Last night, my fellow board members and I hosted the inaugural event of The Field: Detroit’s Culinary Collaborative at Detroit City Distillery. It was a fun evening, where I had the pleasure of moderating a lively panel discussion with Alexandra Clark of Bon Bon Bon, David Vermiglio […]

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