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In this blog, the Zana Tomich, Noel Sterrett and the business attorneys of Dalton & Tomich, PLC weigh in on matters of importance to small and closely held business and nonprofit leaders in the Detroit area, Chicagoland, Northern Illinois and beyond. We hope the information here is helpful to you.

7 Provisions Michigan Business Owners Should be Wary of When Negotiating a Commercial Lease

Many of us, and even us lawyers, go through life giving little thought to many contracts we enter into. The cellular service company’s terms of service, the car rental agreement, the waiver form from a youth sports organization—even if we take the time to read […]

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Michigan Employers: Create Separate Agreement to Arbitrate, Non-Compete, and Non-Disclosure Contracts if Your Employee Handbook Contains a Contractual Disclaimer

Michigan employers should create and use employee handbooks. Handbooks provide employees with important information about the company and its customs, rules, culture and benefits for employees. Handbooks create clarity for employees and can provide certain protections for employers. But realizing these and other benefits isn’t […]

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Buying a Business in Michigan: Is an Asset or Stock Sale Right for You?

Warren Buffett famously said: “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” With inflation, declining GDP growth and volatile markets, there’s a lot of fear out there right now. And that means there are entrepreneurs and investors who are heeding Buffett’s […]

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Dos, Don’ts, and 7 Common Sources of Funding for Small Businesses in Michigan

As inflation soars and economic growth slows, more Michigan small businesses may be looking to secure outside funding to keep their business operations humming. The process of identifying and securing funding, however, can be intimidating and costly if mistakes are made. There are many funding […]

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Who Owns Your Small Business’ Intellectual Property? The Answer May (unpleasantly) Surprise You

Almost every small business, no matter how small, has some form of intellectual property to protect. It might be a trademark (e.g., a logo), a copyright (e.g., a user manual), a patent or other form of IP it owns. Or, at least, thinks it owns. […]

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It’s Time for Small Businesses to Prepare for the New Corporate Transparency Act

One of the benefits of owning a small business is that small businesses are exempt from many federal rules, regulations, and other forms of red tape that their larger counterparts are obligated to comply with. However, starting as early as late 2022, small business owners […]

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Michigan Supreme Court Clarifies Direct vs. Derivative Claim Standard in Murphy v. Inman

When a corporate shareholder alleges harm due to acts or omissions by corporate officers and directors, the question of whether the shareholder must bring a “direct” or “derivative” claim often arises. A direct claim asserts that the defendants harmed the shareholder. Derivative claims, on the […]

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The Potential Benefits of Treating Your Companies as a “Controlled Group” Come with Legal Risks

In general, for a company that offers its employees health insurance benefits, the more employees there, the lower the premium costs are per employee. So if a business owner owns more than one business, it might be tempting to try to bundle all the people […]

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Will Upcoming Changes from Credit Reporting Agencies on Medical Debt Actually Make Things Worse?

Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, the three major consumer credit reporting agencies, recently announced that as of July 1, 2022, they will make changes to the way medical collection debt is reported. These changes may provide some initial benefits to consumers. But it’s unclear whether they […]

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5 Scenarios Where it’s Critical to Call Your Business Attorney

We may not always like it, but us business attorneys know that you business owners are often out there wheelin’ and dealin’ with handshakes and a hope for the best, and in many cases that works out okay. We would like you to more frequently […]

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